A Travel Guide to Manila

by Drew on March 10, 2016 5 comments

I’ve been to Manila 3 times for a total of 10 days spent in the city.  In this blog post, I’m going to give you an overview of the city, and provide travel tips and recommendations for things like culture, attractions, food, nightlife and more. Everything you read is based off my own experiences.

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DrewA Travel Guide to Manila

Complete Guide to Coron, Palawan (Philippines)

by Drew on April 28, 2015 21 comments

I spent a week in Coron, Philippines in August 2014, and I wrote this post as a guide to give you advice from my experiences.  I will provide you with travel tips and recommendations for culture, food, nightlife and things to do around town! 

If you have any further questions or need help planning your trip, then please comment below or contact me here.  And please see my other posts on the Philippines:
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A Travel Guide to Cebu

10 Things to do in Cebu
Top 10 Cebuano Word
All About Siquijor Island
A Travel Guide to Oslob, Cebu Island
Why Malcapuya island is the best island in the World

General Info

Coron is a city and island in Northern Palawan – an island in Western Philippines that was just ranked as the most beautiful island in the world.   The city is located on the Southern tip of Busuanga island, and it’s just a short (30 min) boat ride from actual Coron island.    The landscape in Coron is tropical and absolutely stunning.

Here is a map of Busuanga Island, Coron City and Coron Island so you can get a better understanding of the geography of what I explained.

When I think of paradise, Coron is the first place that comes to mind.

The Surrounding scenery of Coron is crystal clear ocean water and green, tropical landscapes. The sun shines often and the weather is close to perfect. You just can’t go wrong!

You can get to Coron by plane from Manila or Cebu. The airport is called Busuanga airport, which is 45 minutes way from the Coron City. The airlines that fly to Busuanga are Cebu Pacific and Philippine air.

Culture and People

Filipinos, in general, are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met. And it was especially true in Coron. Everywhere I went, I was welcomed with a happy “Hello Sir” and a big white smile.  Filipinos are so kind that I just wanted to give them all a big hug!

Coron City is VERY laid back.  There isn’t much going on.  Aside from world-famous scuba diving, there isn’t anything to do besides eat and drink beer.   There are no beaches around Coron City.  Just a small downtown area with restaurants, bars, shops and massage places.

If you want to go to the beach, then take one of the daily island tours to the smaller islands.  The beaches are fantastic, especially Malcapuya Island- my self-proclaimed most beautiful island in the world.

What to do?

The best thing to do in Coron is go scuba diving!!

Not certified?  No problem!  I got scuba certified in Coron with Coron Divers and it was perfect. I went on 7 dives in 3 days and I fell in love with life under the sea.

Coron is world renowned for having the most accessible ship wreck dives in the world. Back during WWII, eight giant Japanese ships were bombed by Americans and all eight of them remain on the ocean floor within an hour boat ride of Coron City.  They are still sitting there on the bottom of the sea, waiting for you to explore!

My favorite ship wreck dive was the Olympia boat. The boat is 120 meters long and it’s laying on the ocean flood on its side. This was only my 3rd dive ever and we went down 25 meters through windows, rooms and parts of the ship. It was completely blacked out at some points. It was eerie, but so freaking cool to explore! The boat remains home to so many fish and coral reefs. Scuba diving through the Coron shipwrecks was in my top 3 best travel moments of my life. 

You can see the ship behind me in this photo:

In addition to the ship wrecks, there are also amazing coral reefs that you can snorkel around.  I saw many interesting species of fish.  You can also dive in barracuda lake – A a freshwater lake that has volcanic activity at the bottom, so the water temperature gets hotter the farther down you go. It reached 37 degrees Celsius at the bottom – like a hot tub!

I got PADI certified by a company called CORON DIVERS. They are the only Filipino dive center in the city, and they offer quick and cheap services to get certified. I highly recommend them, and look for the owner named Arni. He is the man! It took me 2 full days to get certified, as opposed to 4 or 5 like most other diving places.  He will take you out on the boat to various parts around the island for diving.  And chilling on the boat is amazing, like you see in this photo!

Like I mentioned before, I recommend taking a day trip to the nearby islands for some quality beach time. The beaches there are the best that I’ve ever seen in my life. Specifically Malcapuya island and Pass island. My friend and I hired a private boat driver who took us to Malcapuya and we stayed overnight in a cottage, and then went to Pass Island the next day. You should do that if you are traveling in a group, or if you want the cheaper option for solo travel, then check out the package island tours.

This is a photo that I took during sunset on Malcapuya island:

Aside from Coron, the other big and touristy island in Palawan is El Nido. But it’s an 8 hour boat ride from Coron, so I never got a chance to make it.   I heard that it’s pretty much the same as Coron but with many more tourists.

Another thing you can do in Coron is rent a motorbike and explore the island. We did this for an entire day and it was a great time.  We drove through villages and schools, where kids jumped on us when they saw us drive through. There are some other small cities to check out and waterfalls.

The Food

Filipino food is nothing special. In fact, it’s my least favorite cuisine in Asia.  It pretty much consists of fish and rice for every meal.

However, that’s not to say that you can’t find quality food in Coron.  In fact, I found the best Filipino food that I’ve ever had in Coron! There are a few gem restaurants that served delicious seafood. My favorite was called Sinugba Sa Balay Grill and Native Restaurant . They have amazing local seafood curries and stuffed fish. Here is a photo of my meal:

The fruit everywhere in Coron is fresh and delicious. I think that I drank 2 mango smoothies everyday. The coconuts (called “buko” in the local language) were refreshing and I just couldn’t get enough. The sun is really strong in Coron, so eating fresh fruit is so necessary to stay hydrated and it’s refreshing.

The Nightlife

Sadly, the nightlife in Coron only consists of a few bars.  But it’s ok, because you don’t go to Coron to party. That’s what Boracay and Manila is for 😉

The best local beers to try are San Miguel and Red Horse. The latter is extra strong (7-9%) and it’s the best!!! A few Red Horses and you’ll find your happy place.

Where to stay?

We had an amazing stay at a hotel called Corto Del Mar. It’s located in a peaceful area on the sea and away from the busy main road.

The staff at this hotel is so kind that I always felt welcomed.  They will smile so big at you every time you make eye contact with them.  The rooms are very clean and spacious, just like the lobby and massive pool area. The food at Corto del Mar was the best in Coron, so I ate almost every meal there.  Although this hotel isn’t the cheapest option in Coron, trust me that you certainly get what you pay for. Highly recommended!

Here is a photo of our lovely room:

If you want a backpackers hostel, then check out Marley’s Guesthouse. We stayed for 1 night, and the friend people and reggae vibes were enough to keep me there forever.  Oh, and they have the best pancakes for breakfast!

Planning a trip to Coron? Let me help you!  And Please comment below 🙂

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DrewComplete Guide to Coron, Palawan (Philippines)

50 Reasons Why Life is Better in the Philippines

by Drew on April 11, 2015 149 comments

I strongly believe that The Philippines is the most underrated country in South East Asia.

It’s true, that when most people think of taking trips to South East Asia, they usually jump at Thailand, or Vietnam, or Bali, before considering the Philippines.   This is probably because The Philippines hasn’t become commercialized or mainstream.  It’s often overlooked.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this country is absolutely incredible.  The smiling faces, postcard-perfect beaches and relaxing lifestyle is hard to beat anywhere in the world.

I have taken three trips to the Philippines over the last few years, and spent a total of 6 weeks in the country.  I’ve explored nine islands, as well as spent time in both major cities of Manila and Cebu.  I’m absolutely in love with everything about this tropical paradise land called the Philippines.

The country’s slogan is, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” (there is even a website dedicated to it).

In the same vibe, I decided to share with you 50 Reasons Why Life is Better in the Philippines.”


1. The country is made up of 7,107 islands
2. It’s tropical with crystal clear ocean water
3. The people are the friendliest I’ve ever met
4. It’s extremely affordable
5. You can drink fresh coconut juice

6. You can enjoy some of the best scuba diving in the world
7. You can spend time on Palawan – the #1 ranked best island in the world
8. You can visit pure white sand beaches in Boracay – Check out the best beaches on Boracay Compass

9. You can hike volcanoes in Davao
10. You can ride in a Jeepney (awesome decorated taxis)

11. You can enjoy my favorite local beer called Red Horse (it’s 8%!)
12. You can drink fresh fruit juice water
13. You can visit the chocolate hills of Bohol
14. You can party hard in Manila
15. You can scuba dive through sunken Japanese ship wrecks from WWII

16. You can eat amazing seafood curries
17. You will be always be treated with upmost respect
18. You can get a one-hour body massage for $5USD
19. You don’t have to worry about a language barrier, because everyone speaks fluent English
20. The water temperature is warm and perfect

21. You can find private exclusive beaches almost everywhere
22. You can rent a motorbike and explore for less than $5USD per day
23. You can learn about the history from the Spanish Colonization
24.  You can enjoy the annual Sinualog festival in Cebu
25. You can capture breathtaking sunset photos, like this one I took on Malcapuya Island

26. You can eat “Lechon” – or suckling roasted pig (the national dish)
27. You can visit the Puerto Princesa Underground river in Palawan (a New 7 Wonder of the World)
28. You will always be greeted with a “Hello Sir” or “Hello Maam
29. You can see Magellan’s cross that he planted in Cebu in 1521
30. You can go island hopping in a bamboo boat (which are used everywhere)

31. You can drink rum that’s cheaper than juice
32. You can try eating with you hands (like the locals do)
33. You can visit UNESCO Heritage Sites like the Rice Terraces of Cordilleras
34. You can find cheap hostels for less than $5USD per night
35. You can visit the Big Lagoon in El Nido

Photo Credit © Sabrina Iovino |

36. You can enjoy golden mangos on Cebu island
37. You can go cliff jumping anywhere and everywhere
38. You will always be greeted with a smile 😀
39. You can try exotic foods like balut – boiled fertilized duck egg
40. You can visit incredible waterfalls like this one called Tumalog Falls in Cebu

41. You can see the Mayon Volacno in Luzon
42. You can take a dip in Barracuda lake in Coron
43. You can find cheap flights to Manila from Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo
44. You can shop at the SM Mall in Pasa – the 4th biggest mall in the world
45. You can swim with whale sharks in Cebu

46. You can enjoy the amazing year round weather, which averages 22.6 degrees Celsius (75 F)
47. You can go zip lining through the jungle
48. You can eat some Lumpia (fried egg rolls)
49. You can discover Filipino music, which may catch you by surprise
50. You can stay there forever because it’s just that incredible!

I hope you get the chance to visit this amazing country.  I promise you that it will go above and beyond your expectations!

For more inspiration on the Philippines, check out:
20 Photos of the Philippines that will make you pack your bags and go – A great post by Sabrina from “Just One Way Ticket”
– The Next Escape – an awesome travel blog with lots of useful advice about the Philippines

And lastly, check out my other blog posts on the Philippines!

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A Travel Guide to Cebu

10 Things to do in Cebu
Top 10 Cebuano Word
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A Travel Guide to Oslob, Cebu Island
Complete Guide to Coron

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Drew50 Reasons Why Life is Better in the Philippines

Malcapuya, Philippines is the BEST Island in the world (+Photos)

by Drew on April 3, 2015 No comments

I’m making a big claim in this article.  

The claim is that Malcapuya Island – on the northern part of Palawan, Philippines – is the most beautiful island in the World.

I do realize that I haven’t been everywhere. But from the 74 countries I’ve explored combined with everything I’ve seen and heard from my friends and on the internet, I can safely say that the most picture-perfect, tropical island in the world is Malcapuya Island.

When I was there, I just couldn’t believe this place was real.  It felt like a dream, and looking back at these photos, it still feels like a dream.

Malcapuya Island is a part of Palawan Island, in Western Philippines. It takes about one hour on a boat to get there from Coron City.  There was just an article published on Huffington Post that claims Palawan to be best island in the world –  so I think it’s safe to say that Malcapuya is simply the best of the best.

In case you’re wondering where it is, you can see it on the map below:

The entire island of Malcapuya is less than 1 kilometer wide and is home to just 15 locals. There are no bathrooms, restaurants, or touristy activities happening on the island.  Just pure white sand, clear water, palm trees, chairs on the beach and amazing views.

Seriously, I’ve never seen sand as white or water as turquoise as in Malcapuya.  My friend and I rented a tiny cottage (the only cottage on the island) and slept there overnight and it was fantastic!

Honestly, I feel like explaining the beauty in words doesn’t do any justice, so just take a look at these 5 unedited photos and then you’ll get a better idea 🙂

Make sure to visit Malcapuya on your next trip to the Philippines! 🙂 

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DrewMalcapuya, Philippines is the BEST Island in the world (+Photos)

10 Things to do in Cebu City/Island

by Drew on May 21, 2014 10 comments

1. Explore Fort San Pedro

IMG_8326Built by the Spainards when they conquered Cebu (early 1700s), the San Pedro Fort is one of the most magnificent defense structures in the Philippines.  This special fort is triangular in shape, with two of the sides facing the sea and the other one protecting the land.  An earthquake destroyed part of the fort in the past, but most of it is still intact.

For a very small price, you are allowed to tour all around the fort and learn about the history through photos and artifacts.  It’s a great place to spend an hour or two and admire some 300 year old fortress.  It’s located in Plaza Indepencia right next to the main pier, and a short walk away from Magellan’s cross.

2. Admire Magellan’s Cross

DSC05996This was the most unexpected, and coolest thing that I saw in Cebu!  I’m sure all of you know who Ferdinand Magellan is, but for those who don’t, he is a famous Catholic Portuguese explorer who was the first person to conduct an organized expedition across the circumference of the world (1500s).

Believe it or not, Magellan was the first to discover Cebu back in 1521, and he planted a cross in the city center.  Today, the cross is in a chapel next to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, in the exact same spot where Magellan settled in the Philippines. It’s pretty amazing to see, and try to imagine the history that took place under your toes.


3. Shop at SM Cebu

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.24.29 PMSM Cebu is the 4th largest shopping mall in the Philippines, and part of the 15 biggest shopping malls in the world.  Each day, over 120,000 people make a trip to this “shoppers paradise” that offers everything you can imagine.

Despite the Philippines being a ‘cheap’ country in general, I was expecting the mall prices to be average (especially in department stores).. But I was proven wrong! The prices at SM Mall were SO much cheaper here than I’ve seen at any other mall around the world.  I bought a new day backpack- that I use everyday- for $4USD.  I recommend spending a few hours in this mall and you’ll probably buy more than you are expecting.

4. Party in Mango Square

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.25.44 PMMango Square is the center for nightlife in Cebu!  All of the city’s best clubs and bars are located in this small compact area.  I partied there on Friday and Saturday night and it was a lot of fun.  The scene is quite interesting- with lots of young prostitutes and a wide variety of locals and foreigners- but I had a blast going out with the locals.  The drinks are extremely cheap, and the cover charge for the clubs were around $5USD and it came with a free drink!

If you want to have some fun in Cebu City, then head to Mango Square at night. It’s located on Mango Avenue near the Fuente Circle and the National Bookstore.

5. Go to Kawasan Waterfalls

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.28.28 PMKawasan Waterfalls are located about 2 hours away from Cebu, but it’s absolutely worth the day-trip!  I recommend booking the visit with a travel agent (it’s cheap) and they will provide you with transportation and food, etc.

The falls itself are stunningly beautiful. You can jump on a bamboo raft and float along, or just relax and hear the glistening sound of the falls.  The water is very cold, so hopefully you get some good sunshine!

6. Walk Down Colon Street

DSC06011The ever-so-famous Colon Street is an extremely crowded street in downtown Cebu City.   It is believe by many to be the oldest and shortest national road in the Philippines.

There are thousands of shops here, and everything is extremely cheap.  The entire street is busy, dirty and hot, but remind yourself.. You’re in the Philippines!  Just be careful and watch your pockets and purses, because people will try to snipe some of your belongings.  Also, I recommend going during the daytime beacuse it can get quite dangerous at night.  Such a cool and unique experience on Colon!

7. Visit the Basilica del Santo Niño 

Santo Niño, or the Basilica of the Holy Child, is an important religious place that was founded in the 16th Century.  It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church established in the Philippines, and it was built on the exact spot where the image of Santo Niño de Cebu was found in 1565 by Spanish explorers.

It’s worth checking out, and you might even be able to get inside.  I stumbled by this place and somehow found myself in a mass ceremony with thousands of other people.  It was crazy!

8. Travel to Oslob to Swim with Sharks

DCIM100MEDIAOslob is an amazing city on the Southern Tip of Cebu Island.  It is a little too far for a day trip (3+ hours bus), but I recommend going there for an overnight stay (or even longer) because there are so many cool things to do here.

My favorite thing to do in Oslob was swimming with whale sharks!! Yes, live whale sharks in the water with you, and no cages.  It is only like $30USD, and you get to swim with them for 45 minutes.  It was SO cool being inches away from them, and these whales are actually harmless (despite the name ‘shark’).  You must check it out!

9. Visit Tumalog Waterfalls

IMG_8417Also located in Oslob, near the whale sharks, is Tumalog waterfalls.

I’ve seen a lot of cool nature things in my life, and this absolutely makes my top 3 list.  Instead of fast moving water (like most waterfalls I’ve seen), this one sort of trickles down in an interesting way.  It’s mesmerizing.  I spent like 5 hours here with my friend, bathing in the water, exploring around the rainforest, and taking in the suns rays.

It’s a little difficult to reach the falls.  From the main road, you need to take a private car or jump on the back of a motorbike and go up a really steep hill.  Of course, you can walk, but it’s a little challenging.  Hopefully it’s a hot day so you can enjoy the cold water in the falls!

10. Bargain at Carbon Market

Cebu is home to a large assortment of street markets.  The oldest, largest and most famous market is called Carbon, and it’s located in downtown Cebu. I recommend taking a jeepney there (a decked out bus/taxi/jeep) for the experience!

You can buy anything from clothing, to food, to souveneirs and any hand-made goods.  The best part? It’s SO CHEAP! Seriously, one of the cheapest markets I’ve ever been to.. Enjoy!

Have you been to Cebu? What was your favorite thing to do?

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Drew10 Things to do in Cebu City/Island

The Craziest Travel Day of My Life in the Philippines

by Drew on March 3, 2014 15 comments

From early January to late February of 2014, I went on a backpacking trip around SouthEast Asia.  The Philippines was my first country on the journey, and the trip was already going incredible thus far. At the time, I was traveling with just one friend.  It was our last day in the Philippines and we had to catch a 8PM flight from Cebu City to Brunei that night.

We were on Siquijor Island and we needed to get to Cebu City.  If all the ferries and buses were on schedule, then we should have arrived in Cebu City at 6PM which was a perfect time to catch our 8PM flight.

But of course, there was a problem.

IMG_8426We woke up at 5AM and rode our motorbikes to the boat port where there was supposed to be a 6AM ferry across.  Unfortunately, the ferry wasn’t running on schedule because the “ocean current” wasn’t normal that day.  So, we were stuck on Siquijor Island- an island that was hours south from Cebu City.

In a slight panic mode, I realized that we NEEDED to get across the small ocean passage from Siquijor to Dumaguete City, or else we would be stranded and miss our flight.  It was our only option.

So, we took a tuk tuk (mini 3-wheel taxi) around the island to look for private boat driver to take us over the ocean.  The tuk tuk driver was friendly and took us through some back roads until he found someone.  Finally, some guy with a cigarette dangling from his lips and and no shirt on greeted us, and asked how much we would pay to get across the sea.  I bargained him down from $30USD to $12 total on his “private boat.”

Some other Filipinos also wanted to get across to Dumaguete City, so they tagged along for the ride.


I was expecting the boat to be a big-ish boat, but it sure as hell wasn’t.  It was a TINY kayak made 100% from bamboo and about 9 people squeezed onto it. We barely had enough room to store our luggage in the little compartment under the seat.  There was a half-ass motor on the back, that seemed about as old as World War 2.  The photo that you see above is the exact boat that 10 people squeezed onto.

The boat driver dude originally told us it would take 45 min to get across…

But after 45 minutes into the ride, all I could see was ocean in all directions.

My friend and I, along with 9 Filipinos, were straddling the boat with our toes nearly dipping in the warm ocean water.  It was about 90 degrees (33 Celsius) outside and the sun was blazing down on us.


The start of the journey was going well- the wind was calm, ocean was smooth and we were cruising away (slowly). About 20 minutes in, the wind picked up, clouds rolled in and we started rocking left and right. But it wasn’t too bad. A little ocean mist would hit us here and there and it felt refreshing.


The waves got heavier and starting SMASHING on the side of the boat.  I was holding on to the bamboo sides of the boat for dear life, while pivoting myself against the waves.

An hour passed and we were out in the open ocean with no land in sight.  We weren’t even half way there. The waves got bigger and bigger and I starting getting soaked.  I could anticipate each wave crashing in, so I did my best to dogde them, but I ended up getting destroyed by every wave until I could taste the salty ocean water.


2 hours later, we arrived and it looked like I just went scuba diving in my street clothes.  I was wearing a backpack on my back the entire ride, and LUCKILY it was waterproof, so my iPhone and iPad didn’t get destroyed.

Of course, the guy took us to the wrong port at our destination, so we had to pay another guy off to drive us in a tuk tuk to get to the correct port in Dumaguete City.

Then, in literally soaking wet ocean clothes, we proceeded to take another ferry to the main island (Cebu Island), a bus then a 3 hour bus to Cebu City.  We ended up getting to the airport 45 minutes before our flight took off.

So to wrap it up, here are all the forms of transportation that I took to make this flight:
– 3 tuk tuk rides
– 1 motorbike ride
– 1 ferry
– 1 bamboo boat
– 2 airplanes
– 1 taxi bus in Brunei

That was by far, the craziest travel day of my life.

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DrewThe Craziest Travel Day of My Life in the Philippines

Oslob, Cebu Island

by Drew on February 10, 2014 1 comment

IMG_8417Oslob is a city that is on the very south west coast of Cebu island. It is about a 3 hour bus from Cebu city.

As the bus was driving South down the narrow one-road highway, I was a little nervous to get off because I hadn’t seen a single foreigner and there was much more poverty that I was expecting.  But sure enough, it turned out that the local were SUPER friendly and welcoming, and I easily adjusted to the culture.

Side note: we stayed in a guest house that we found on Air BnB and the hosts were amazing! Best place that I’ve ever stayed at, and I absolutely recommend using Air BnB if you haven’t before.

In Oslob, there is one local market in town that has everything that you’d expect a market to have. Food, clothing, hand made jewelry, street food, etc. It is insanely cheap!

DCIM100MEDIAThe #1 attraction in Oslob is to snorkel/scuba dive with whale sharks! Yes, 15-30 food (5-6 meter) whale sharks! You just take a 5 minute boat ride from the shore and there are dozens of whale sharks that literally come within inches away from you. It’s the coolest thing ever.  It was only $20/person to snorkel and a little more to scuba dive. You gotta do it!

Another awesome thing to see in Oslob is Tumalog Waterfalls! This is no ordinary waterfall.. Instead of your average, flowy, rapid moving waterfall, Tumalog has separate strands of water that slowly trickle down a steep cliff filled with bushes and luscious trees. It is magnificent and will make you appreciate nature 10x more than you already did. Just look at this pic and see for yourself!

DSC06052Everyone gets around by these things called jeepneys.  They are all decked out (and sort of beaten up) mini vans that are usually packed with people. They are fun to ride, especially when the driver blasts some music! Other people drive mopeds with an extra seat hanging out the back for passengers.

Oslob is a great pit-stop to make if you are in Cebu or any neighboring island.  It was undoubtedly my best local, authentic taste of Filipino culture.

Have a good time!

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DrewOslob, Cebu Island

Top 10 Cebuano Words

by Drew on February 9, 2014 4 comments

Planning a trip to the Philippines soon?  Studying Cebuano, or just have the urge to learn how to speak Cebuano?

Get a head start and start learning these Top 10 Cebuano words right now!   I promise you that they’ll come in handy when you’re in the country 😉

1)   Hello — Hello

2)   Goodbye— Babay (BAH-bai)

3)   Yes— Oo (OH-oh)

4)   No— Dili (DEE-lee)

5)   Please— Palihug (pah-LEE-hoog)

6)   Thank You— Salamat (sah-LAH-maht)

7)   You’re Welcome— Walay Sapayan (WAH-lay sah-PAH-yahn)

8)   Do You speak English?— Makasulti ka ug ingles? (mah-kah-SOOl-tih kah oog EEN-glehs?)

9)   Excuse me/pardon me— Pasaylo-a Ko  (pah-SAI-loh-ah koh)

10)  Cheers!— Mabuhi! (Ma-boo-hi!)

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DrewTop 10 Cebuano Words