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Washington DC Nightlife Guide

by Drew on August 26, 2016 2 comments

Meet Morgan

Morgan is a DC-based strategy consultant working in the healthcare industry by day, and champagne enthusiast by night. She’s spent the better part of 20 plus years in the DC Metro area scouting out the best brunch spots, riding horses competitively, and believing firmly that rosé season is year round, not just summer.

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Washington DC Nightlife Guide – General Info

As our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. rarely gets notoriety for much more than being a hub for politicos and tourists. When there are hard-working people and sightseers by the thousands, though, you can be sure that there are plenty of excellent places to grab a drink or two across the city!

As a DC-Metro native, I’ve had a number of years to explore the city and all it has to offer. I’ve explored every neighborhood in town (and on both sides of the river – Maryland and Virginia) throughout college break visits home and a four year stint as a District resident. D.C. sprawls across over 43,000 acres and is spread into four major “Quadrants:” Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Once you know what quadrant you’re in, you can pretty much wander into any neighborhood and find a great cocktail.

There is something for everyone in DC, whether you’re looking for a nice refreshing brew outside, a crazy night out at an EDM show, or something in between.

DC Neighborhood Guide

As I mentioned, DC’s four main quadrants make it exceptionally easy to navigate. Each quadrant is made up of distinct neighborhoods that have their own vibe, and with that, have different local scenes that cater to various patrons. Below is a list of some of the best spots to put on your list if you find yourself in the District in the future:

1) Georgetown:

Georgetown is well known as an affluent neighborhood right off the Potomac. Home to senators, dignitaries, and private-college coeds, the scene in Georgetown ranges from local college hangout to pricey waterfront spots frequented by the 1%-ers. By no means should this reputation cause to you avoid Georgetown, however: some of the oldest bars and pubs can be found in this part of the city, and the Georgetown Waterfront is home to some of the best outdoor happy hour spots in town. Stroll down M St to pop into some cute shops and great local bars.

Places to check out: The Tombs (Georgetown Campus area), Sequoia (posh waterfront spot), or Martin’s Tavern (Where JFK proposed to Jackie)

2) Capitol Hill:

As its name suggests, this neighborhood is home to the US Capitol Building and all of the Hill staffers and politics junkies that come with it. “The Hill,” as locals call it, is home to some awesome bars with history and some well-loved dives that some of us happened to frequent as college interns. History and nostalgia aside, The Hill has some great local haunts if you’re in the market for a cheap happy hour and equally cheap bar food.

Places to check out: Capitol Lounge (dive bar with Hill Staffers galore), Barrel (great whiskey cocktails), Harold Black (speakeasy)

3) Dupont/Adams Morgan:

These two neighborhoods blend together down the DC Metro Red Line. Dupont and Adams Morgan (called “AdMo” by many young 20-somethings) have great bars with a casual vibe, but are home to some great clubs at night too. Many DC locals consider Adam’s Morgan to be one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of DC! If you’re looking for great daydrinking and an awesome spot to bring a party or bar crawl, look no further: Dupont/AdMo is the place to go.

Places to check out: Sauf House (3 story beer garden), Johnny Pistola’s (more below), or Grand Central (late night partying)

4) Chinatown:

Chinatown, the mecca of DC, falls between the MetroCenter and Union Station part of the downtown neighborhood and is home to many bars and nightlife spots, most notably the Verizon Center at 7th and F. Due to the large crowds that come this way for concerts, shows, and events, there are a TON of bars around the area. Jose Andres has many restaurants in the area that serve delicious craft cocktails, and you can find some well-loved chain spots like Clyde’s and Legal Seafoods right outside of the West entrances of the Verizon Center.

Places to check out: Hill Country Barbeque (live Karaoke and great brew menu), Denson (speakeasy style), Redline (upscale sportsbar with DJs every so often)

5) Downtown:

Unlike other major cities, DC’s “downtown” area isn’t really down town at all – it’s right in the middle of town and runs from the West End corridor down to Capitol Hill. Downtown is notorious as the working neighborhood – very few condos and homes can be found here, and the bars are mainly frequented by 9-to-5-ers and tourists. With that said, downtown is still home to some must-see spots, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch sight of a Congressman or other high ranking official at a few of these places.

Places to check out: POV at the W for breathtaking views of the White House, Old Ebbitt Grille (one of the best oyster bars in town) or Sax (burlesque club with shows and bottle service)

6) Shaw/U-Street/14th St:

If you ask any Millennial living in DC, the most popular neighborhood for partying right now is the U Street Corridor. U St runs West to East across DC, and this neighborhood falls between 19th street on the West and 8th street on the East. Between these 11 or so blocks are some of the best brunch, day party, and going out spots. U St is known to draw all types – you’ll find the Yuppie type at The Brixton, the DC gay crowd at Nellie’s (DC’s most well known gay bar), and a little bit of both anywhere else. If you’re looking to have fun with a big group any time of day (or night), try U St first and see where the night takes you.

Places to check Out: Local 16 (cheap bottomless brunch!), Masa 14 (late night dancing and a great roof top), El Centro (basement is well known for dancing and techno music)

7) Southwest Waterfront:

Rounding out the top neighborhoods list is the Southwest Waterfront, the ‘youngest’ neighborhood going under a revival and rebuilding. While the SW quadrant has long been home to some of DC’s most lively neighborhoods, only recently have developers and restaurant groups begun to make SW home. The Washington Nationals Ballpark is right at the Ballpark-Navy Yard Metro stop, which is a great place to catch a game, a concert, or even a Food Truck or Beer Festival. Surrounding the Waterfront are a number of great bars and outdoor drinking spots that are perfect for summer happy hours.

Places to check out: Bluejacket Brewery, Cantina Marina (great Mexican food and drinks on the water!), Vida Penthouse (bottle service and a roof top pool).


1) Johnny Pistola’s

The Scoop: A cheap place with no-frills food and drink and a seriously good time at night. Johnny Pistola’s is the spot where you’ll run into everyone you know in DC while drinking a Red Bull and Vodka with all sorts of people.

Cheap. Never a cover, and typically you can make it out without breaking the bank after a night out here.

2333 18th St NW
Washington, DC
Closest Metro: Red Line, Zoo/AdamsMorgan Stop

2) 9:30 Club

The Scoop: DC’s most well-known concert venue: it’s big, it’s loud, and it’s a whole lot of fun. The 9:30 Club hosts tons of great shows and DJs throughout the year, and has multiple bars inside.

Ticket prices range based on performer; drinks are an average cost for a concert or party venue

815 V St NW,
Washington, DC
Closest Metro: Yellow Line/Shaw-Howard Stop

3) Dan’s Cafe

The Scoop: A staple in the AdMo neighborhood, this is the one dive bar that might be worth checking out if dive bars “aren’t your thing.” Dan’s Café has a fun casual vibe made even more casual by their “mixed drinks:” you get a squirt bottle of your liquor of choice along with a can or cup of mixer, some ice, and that’s all…you’re left to make your drinks yourself. Coupled with a regularly sweaty dance floor and some excellent people watching, this place is a well loved staple by district locals.

Cheap – those squirt bottle drinks run at only $12 a pop and shots run equally as cheap.

2315 18th St NW
Washington DC
Closest Metro: Red Line, Zoo/Adams Morgan Stop

4) Cafe St. Ex

The Scoop: Café St-Ex is a great spot in the U Street/14th Street Neighborhood well known for locally sourced food and a casual atmosphere. At night, though, the restaurant is filled to the brim with 20-somethings who come and dance up a storm. St Ex’s downstairs, called Club 54, has DJs almost every night of the week.

Affordable; no covers, at least to my knowledge, and drinks are of average DC price ($6-10 for a beer or mixed drink).

1847 14th St NW
Washington DC
Closest Metro: Green/Yellow Line, U-Street Stop

5) Hawthorne

The Scoop: Hawthorne is a relatively new bar owned by two local restaurateurs well known for creating great party spots for the DC crowd. Hawthorne sits on multiple levels, and while the first two tend to cater more towards the restaurant side of the business, the further up you go, the more “bar” vibe you get. Hawthorne’s roof is one of the best in the area, and their dance floor can get pretty packed. Hawthorne is also well known for a good DC bottomless brunch that serves not just mimosas, but male-friendly libations such as bottomless beers or the “Hawthorne Smash,” a bourbon-based cocktail.

Average. Come here for a fun night out with friends and pay no cover, but it’s not the cheapest place in the world.

1336 U St NW
Washington DC
Closest Metro: Green/Yellow Line, U Street Stop

6) Nellie’s

The Scoop: Yes, Nellie’s is a gay bar, but it makes this list because it is by far one of the most entertaining spots in town. For anyone who is OK getting out of your comfort zone and having a blast on a Saturday, Nellie’s is your spot: Nellie’s has some of the best weekend parties and always has great dance music. During the day, the rooftop is full of daydrinkers, while at night, there are usually DJs spinning house/club music. Nellie’s is also home to a fabulous Drag Brunch, which is loads of fun. Final verdict: whoever you are, Nellie’s will be a blast for you.

Drag Brunch runs at around $40/$50 for tickets, but drinks aren’t too over-the-top pricey.

900 U St NW
Washington DC
Metro Line: Green/Yellow Line, U Street Stop or Shaw Stop

7) La Boum Party Brunch

The Scoop: La Boum is not a bar but rather a weekend party experience that makes all of the “must go” lists in DC. La Boum is French slang for “house party,” and that is absolutely what the creators of La Boum aspire to be. On Saturdays and Sundays in DC, La Boum takes over the space at Capitale nightclub for a wild brunch experience complete with DJ, burlesque dancers, and a few bad decisions. Wait lists for this crazy brunch party can be weeks or months long, but trust me: it’s totally worth it.

Expensive: La Boum’s $35 price fixe menu does not include drinks, and bottles at the party can run pretty expensive. Expect your personal tab to easily hit $100, or come prepared after a pre-brunch party spot.

1301 K St NW
Washington DC
Closest Metro: Blue/Orange Line, McPhereson Square Stop

Where to Stay in Washington, DC Without Spending a Fortune.

If you’re coming to DC to party on the weekend you’re in luck. Hotel rates drop between $50 to $100 as business travel dies down. The nice thing about DC is that getting around without a car is easy via the Metro. There is a handy site dedicated to finding hotels near the Metro, and they have a page dedicated to cheap hotels in Washington, DC organized by rates. If experience over price is more important than prioritize hotels near these stations, Chinatown, Dupont Circle, Clarendon or Ballston is the best bet.

Photo Credit on Flickr Creative Commons:
Sunset Pic – Johnny Silvercloud
Nightscape Pic – Richard Ricciardi
Capitol Hill- BKL
Chinatown- Angela N
9:30 Club – Erin M
Nellie’s – Elvert Barnes 

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DrewWashington DC Nightlife Guide

NYC Nightlife Guide

by Drew on August 26, 2016 1 comment

Meet Tendelle

Tendelle grew up between the US and Taiwan, and has also lived in Sao Paulo, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.

She’s lived and breathed the dance music scene since 2011, even traveling the world in search of the best electronic dance music experiences. She settled down in Amsterdam in 2015, where she works at the social network for nightlife enthusiasts, Party with a Local.

NYC Nightlife – General Info

In my 3 years working in New York City, I partied way too much! At the high (or low) point of my tenure there, I once went clubbing 7 nights in a row, and my Foursquare check-ins indicated that I had a 50-week streak of going to clubs. So yeah, this, plus being part of Party with a Local (app that connects people who want to party), makes me feel pretty qualified to write about NYC nightlife!

New York City is just about the most diverse city in the world, and likewise for nightlife, there is something for everyone, from upscale parties to drag parties. Bars and clubs are most highly concentrated in Meatpacking District, Midtown West (around 11th avenue), and Lower East Side – with Brooklyn being the up-and-coming area – but it being NYC, you can find bars and clubs all over the city.

To go out and back, New Yorkers generally hail one of the famous yellow cabs or take Uber. Bars close around 2am and clubs close at 4am. Bring ID to clubs and bars, as it is a must, and remember that in the US the drinking age is 21.

Most of the crowds you’ll see out are young professionals in their early 20s to late 30s, with the exception of the NYU area (East Village) where college students like to hang out. NYC is wealthy and sometimes materialistic place, so partying usually requires some money. Drinks in NYC are expensive – a cocktail ranges easily from $10-$15 in city bars. In a club, $15 mixed drinks are quite standard.

Here’s the low-down on the best clubs and bars in the City that Never Sleeps.

Best Bars in NYC

Best Dive Bar: Key Bar

Key Bar was my go-to neighborhood bar in the East Village with a nice ambiance.

Not only were the drinks cheap (unusual for NYC), but the happy hour “buy one get one free” deal lasts until 10pm. You get a voucher when you purchase your drink, so it’s awesome that you can redeem your drink even after happy hour or another day if you’d like.

Best Rooftop Bar: The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge is at the top floor of the INK48 Hotel, and has a phenomenal view of New York City skyline.

It has a 360 degrees view from its roof and a pool (but I don’t think people go into it). Cocktails are on the pricier side, though the bar is so busy that if you don’t get a drink, probably no one will hassle you or notice. It’s close to the clubs on Midtown West, like Hudson Terrace and Space, so it’s a nice place to visit before the party starts.

Best Speakeasy Bar: Apotheke

Speakeasies have been all the rage in NYC for awhile now – tucked away cocktail bars literally hidden behind walls or phone booths. Apotheke is in a dark, piss-smelling alley in Chinatown, with a nondescript door. The inside, however is a whole different world, where you can get delicious cocktails made by their expert mixologists. One of Manhattan’s true hidden gems!

Best EDM Clubs in NYC

Best Mega EDM Club: Space Ibiza NYC

Space is the Ibiza mega-club that has been voted top club of the world by DJMag too many times to count.

It opened its NYC location in 2014, filling a much-needed gap in NYC’s EDM scene since Pacha closed its doors. From Trance, to Techno, to House, Space invites the hottest talent in the EDM scene every week and is sometimes open until later than 8am!

Best Upscale EDM Club: Marquee

Marquee was my favorite club to hit up when I lived in the City, especially on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

It’s a gorgeous, Vegas-style club that have been a hot spot in NYC ever since it was renovated in 2013 and started inviting big-name electronic music DJs. Make sure you follow the dress code and dress to impress; as the door can be tough and cover can be expensive. However, the nice thing is that to guarantee entry you can buy a ticket online (usually $20).

Best (Brooklyn)Techno Club: Output

For serious techno heads, Output has been a blessing for the New York metro area in the past couple of years.

Set among in the warehouses of Brooklyn, Output is similar to Berghain in Berlin in concept: it prohibits cell phones on the dance floor and it “welcomes everyone but is not for everyone”. It’s a space with innovative, heavy music for techno partiers to dance all night long.

Alternative Clubbing in NYC

Best Hookah Bar/Club: Le Souk

This was my go-to weeknight spot, with popping parties even on a Tuesday/Wednesday night. The music is on the commercial side. The only thing is that it’s quite small and narrow, so if you are going with a few friends it is nice to get a table with hookah so that you have a place to sit.

Best Alternative Party: Quiet Events Silent Disco

You receive a pair of headphones when you enter, and they always have three live DJs. You listen to the music with your headphones and can switch the channels around according to your taste in music.

Or you can take your headphones off and observe your fellow party animals dance in silence. They throw events in unexpected locations all over the city – subway stops, Bryant Park, pub crawls, and more. Definitely one of the coolest random things to do in the city.

Best Asian Nightclub: Circle NYC

New York City is the melting pot of all cultures around the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that different ethnic groups have their own clubs too!

Circle is NYC’s long-standing premier Asian (Korean) club, and it was by far my most-frequented club in my time in the City – because, well, it was so damn fun! If you’ve ever wanted to see a club filled with only Asians in NYC, then Circle is your spot. However, if you’re not Asian, you’re probably not getting in.

Best Party Brunch: Bagatelle

New Yorkers can party any time of the day. One of the most peculiar activities I partook in was brunch clubbing. No, this is not merely a “bottomless mimosa brunch” type event – it’s actually full-blown clubbing with disco balls and skimpy dancers in the middle of the day. It is undoubtedly really fun, but when you stumble out of the club at 5pm, blinking & dazed by the sunlight, trying to give directions to the taxi driver on your way home who is totally judging you for being drunk in the day time… it really makes you ponder your life decisions.

Best Summer Parties: Governor’s Island Parties

There are EDM parties all summer long on Governor’s Island, my favorite outdoor venue in NYC (there aren’t that many outdoor venues to begin with).

You take a free ferry from Battery Park, which takes you to Governor’s Beach Club. Here you can party on their beach, with fantastic music, to the backdrop of the breathtaking NYC skyline. It’s one of these moments that make me love the City.

Best Drunk Food in NYC

1) Chicken and Rice

The Chicken and Rice “Halal Guys” food trucks on 53rd and 6th is a New York must. You can go at any hour of the day, but it’s quite a sight to behold with hundreds of people in the line even at 4am. It’s the staple drunk food of New York City.

2) Korea Town

Many of the restaurants of Korea Town are open throughout the night, catering to inebriated customers. My personal favorite is Kunjip. There’s nothing better than a sizzling pot of Sundubu to satisfy my hunger after a big night out!

So there you have it, nightlife in New York City… Let this article guide you but not restrict you, and most importantly, have fun!

Curious about more things to do in NYC? Check out this helpful website for more advice around the Big Apple!

Photo Credits on Flickr Creative Commons:
Featured pic – Alexander Oramas
Press Lounge – Larry 
Space Ibiza – Wikipedia
Output – Wikipedia
Quite Events –

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DrewNYC Nightlife Guide

Top 8 EDM Clubs in Vegas

by Drew on March 28, 2015 8 comments

Las Vegas is a special place for me because I grew up there in the mid 90’s, right before I moved across the desert to Phoenix.  Some of my first memories are walking around downtown Vegas, and many of my best childhood friends still live there to this day.

But that was all before I was 21… 

Since I’ve turned 21 years old, I’ve raged in Sin City over a dozen times.  It’s only a 4 hour drive from my home in Phoenix.

Las Vegas is just epic.  It’s as crazy as every movie makes it out to be.

But all people don’t go to Vegas for the same reasons.

The people of Generation X (born between 1965-1980) mostly flock to Vegas to sip on their fancy martinis, enjoy their Cirque de Soleil shows and gamble their life away at world-class casinos…

But for us Millennials (born from 1981-2000), Las Vegas is the mecca city for partying to EDM in America.  It is home to not only several of the best night clubs in the U.S., but in the entire world.  Combine the night clubs with pool parties, raves, music festivals and DJ shows, and Las Vegas remains THE place to rage 365 nights of the year.

The thing that makes Vegas’s nightlife so unique for our generation is that people from all over the world go there for the exact same reason: to escape from reality. People go to Vegas to forget about real life, to party all night long and get so fucked up that they won’t remember anything besides the pictures. (I am generalizing when I talk about the Millennial generation.  I’m not saying that people from Generation X, or any previous generation can’t party like we can!)  

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 6.52.44 PMWhile Vegas has always been a hotspot for partygoers, it wasn’t until recent years that the city began to embrace Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and has emerged into a year-round version of Ibiza in the U.S.A.  Although this should come as no surprise to you, because you’ve already heard my argument for How EDM is taking over the world.

Most hotels/casinos on the strip have night clubs attached to them.  There are more than 40 clubs in the city, but in this post, I will only talk about the best EDM clubs where you can see your favorite DJs and dance to the best electronic/house music.

Seriously guys,  I can’t begin to describe how much fun and over-the-top the clubs are in Vegas.  The only other city in the world that can compete on the same level is Seoul, Korea – where I taught English for 18 months and raged in the night clubs in Gangnam every weekend.

Vegas is also home to one of the biggest EDM music festivals in the world called Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).  I went in 2013 and it was the craziest 3-day rave I’ve ever been to! This photo was during Armin Van Buuren on the main stage.

If you want to find out current news about all EDM events, DJs & pool parties in Vegas, then check out

Before you go clubbing in Vegas, here are a few more things to note which apply to all clubs:
– Dress code is strictly enforced.  For guys, that means button downs, dress shoes, slacks, tucked in shirts.  For girls, that means dresses, etc.  If you don’t look nice or sexy, then you will be denied entrance.
– Everything is expensive. Cover charges can be anywhere from $30-150 depending on the event for guys (girls usually get in for free).  The cheapest drink inside the club is about $12-15 (for a domestic beer).  I once paid $60 for two small rum and cokes.
– Many times girls will get into clubs for free, but you’ll have to check with each specific club
– All clubs employ many big-armed security guards and they have a zero tolerance policy.  Don’t do anything stupid or they’ll kick you out
– Lines can get VERY long if there is good DJ playing, so get there early (before 11) if you don’t want to wait for hours.
– If you have a big group, consider getting a table with bottle service.  It’s well worth the experience and you can cut the line!
– Clubs stay open late – until 4 or 5 AM

So now, I present you with detailed descriptions of my 8 favorite EDM clubs in Vegas.  Everything you read is coming from my personal recommendations.  The clubs are in order with #1 being my favorite.

Have something to add to this list?  Please comment below and let me know!  Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions about clubbing in Vegas!

1. Light at Mandalay Bay

Light is by far the most visually amazing club on the strip.  It combines a nightclub with a live Cirque du Soleil show in one.  I can’t take a trip to Vegas without having an epic night at Light.

The Cirque du Soleil aspect provides a new and innovative night club experience that focuses on entertainment. Imagine a nearly 40,000 square foot venue with cutting-edge creativity, world-renowned DJs playing amazing EDM music, insane visuals and real-life acrobats coming down at your from the ceiling.  All of that, with an innovative acrobatic LED screen that acts as a playground for performers and makes you feel like you’re partying in the year 2020.

During the daytime, this club turns into the best pool party in Vegas called Daylight Beach Club.  Especially in the summer months, there is no better place to rage to EDM under the sunlight in your swimsuit!

If you one have one night to rage in Vegas, then go to Light and you won’t regret it!

Current Resident DJs: A-trak, Alesso, Axwell, Baauer, Carl Cox, Clockwork, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Dyro, Sebastian Ingrosso, Krewella, Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero, Skrillex

*Resident DJs means that these DJs have signed contracts to frequently play shows at this club, so it’s likely that one of them will be performing when you visit*

2. Marquee at The Cosmopolitan

Club Marquee was my very first clubbing experience in Las Vegas, so it has a special place in my heart.  I have seen Kaskade and Porter Robinston perform here!

There is no doubt that Marquee is the most “ravey” club in all of Vegas.  They recruit the highest number of resident DJs to play shows for a crowd who is always young and crazy.

Inside this 60,000 square foot mega-club is 7 different bars spread out over 3 rooms – the Main Room, the Library and the Boom Box.  Each room has a different musical experience and overall feel, but you will probably spend most of your time in the main room because of the 40 foot LED DJ booth.  The unparalleled multi-million dollar sounds stage consists of 32,000 subwoofers that surround the elevated and massive dance floor.  Woah, I am out of breath.

The Library Room offer a more laid-back vibe with pool tables, fireplaces, and the Boom Box Room has nice views of the strip.  Both rooms have different music like hip hop or deep house.  I promise you won’t regret a night at the Marquee!

Current Resident DJs: Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, Borgore, Carnage, Cedric Gervais, Chukie, Dash Berlin, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Kaskade, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Porter Robinson, Sander Van Doorn, Trional

3. Hakkasan at MGM Grand

At 80,000 square feet, Club Hakkasan is the largest club in Las Vegas and is one of the newest to hit the scene.

Hakkasan is 5-stories tall, which is a crazy achievement in itself.  The club offers a variety of experiences that is suitable for anyone.  The main club is located on the 4th floor and stretches up to the 5th floor.  The dance floor is gigantic and the lasers will put you in a state of trance.  This massive club has a floor-to-ceiling LED screen to showcase the lights for DJs like Above & Beyond, Calvin Harris, Afrojack and Hardwell.

Hakkasan is truly a class of it’s own.  Being located in the largest hotel in the world (MGM Grand), Club Hakkasan sure as hell lives up to all the hype!  But the line here can get extra long, so try to get there early (around 11) to avoid waiting.

Current Resident DJs:  Above & Beyond, Afrojack, Bingo Players, Calvin Harris, Dada Life, Danny Avila, Fergie, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Michael Woods, Nervo, R3hab, Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, W&W

The previous 4 clubs (Light, XS, Marquee & Hakkasan) are what I refer to as the “Big 4”  – meaning the best of the best EDM clubs in Vegas.  The next 4 below are second-tier EDM Clubs.

4. XS at The Wynn Encore

XS has been the front runner of Las Vegas’s clubbing scene for several years, and it’s one of the most expensive clubs ever built.  In 2014, XS was the highest grossing night club in the U.S. at $105 million.

The interior design of XS is reminiscent of the shape of a human body with its flowing lines and curves.  All over the ceilings and walls are gold, black and bronze decorations, mixed together with over 10,000 sparkly lights.  Club XS recruits some of the best big-name DJs in all of Las Vegas.

The dance floor is extra large and is surrounded by VIP tables for the ballers.  The speakers are so loud that you won’t do much talking, but rather smile and dancing all night.  Outside is a giant patio and pool area that offers a nice place to get fresh air and flirt with your dance partner.

Current Resident DJs: Avicii, Cazzette, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Diplo, Fedde Le Grand, Skrillex, Steve Angello, Tommy Trash, Zedd

5. Omnia at Caesar’s Palace

Omnia is the newest club to hit the scene in 2015, and it’s already received the reputation as the best club in Vegas!

What used to be Club PURE inside Caesar’s Palace has transformed into a bigger, more luxurious and over-the-top night club called Omnia. The main room is breathtaking, with a gold and black theme and a HUGE chandelier in the middle which moves up and down and spins around. The dance floor is massive and it fills up very quick.  There is also another dance floor and DJ which plays hip hop if EDM isn’t your thing.

It’s guaranteed that you will have a wild and memorable experience if you decide to rage at Omnia.  It’s really taking the whole EDM/clubbing scene in Vegas to the next level.

The club has already secured up an amazing resident list of famous DJs, so you can see the best-of-the-best perform on any given weekend! Don’t miss out!

6. Tao at The Venetian

Tao is the only Asian-themed night club in Las Vegas.  And it’s really freaking sweet!

The sexy go-go dancers dancing on tables, combined with a huge dance floor and state-of-the-art speakers gives Tao one of the best reputations around Vegas.   And the giant Buddha statue inside gives off nice Asian vibes.

There are several different rooms inside the club, each playing different music.  The main room plays electronic house music, ususally put on by a famous DJ.  If you need to get some fresh air, then head out to the huge outdoor terrace that overlooks the strip!

Tao isn’t just a nightclub – it’s also an Asian restaurant (mmm sushi), lounge and pool party club.  If you love all aspects of nightlife, then Tao is your place.  This is a great club to go to if you have yellow fever like I do…

Current Resident DJs: Borgore, Carnage, Tritonal

7. Hyde at The Bellagio

The Hyde Bellagio is one of the swanky clubs on the strip and a night spent here will never be forgotten.


This club is much more laid back – when compared to the madness of the Big 4 (XS, Marquee, Hakkasan, Light) – because it opens up early in the night as a lounge and terrace.  As the night progresses, Hyde essentially combines a lounge with a nightclub atmopshere.

It’s a great place if you want to start the night early, sip on some cocktails, and ease your way into partying until the wee hours of the morning.  The club attracts a bit of an older crowd, but it’s always a good time.  The doors outside open up to fresh air and an amazing view of the Bellagio fountains in the background.

8. LiFE at SLS Las Vegas

LiFE isn’t one of the better-known clubs around Vegas, but I like to consider it a hidden gem.

This 20,000 foot nightclub is located on the way north end of the strip, in the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.  I know the size doesn’t impress you, but the 60-foot ceilings with aerialists and performers soaring above you might spark your attention!

LiFE is known for recruiting those up-and-coming DJs, so you likely won’t see any big name DJs.  There are 3 full service bars and VIP seating with nice views of the stage.  It’s a nice place to party if you want something a little less crazy than the Big 4.

THANKS for reading! I hope you have a great time raging in Vegas 😉 Please contact me if you have any further questions!

Photo Credit on Creative Commons:
– Light – Nevada Tourism
– Hakkasan – Mark Van Der Chijs
– Omnia – Chris Goldberg
– Hyde – Wikipedia

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DrewTop 8 EDM Clubs in Vegas

Seoul Nightlife Guide (Gangnam)

by Drew on March 27, 2014 219 comments

*This post was last updated on March 15th, 2016*

I’ve been living and raging in Seoul since August 2013, when I moved here to teach English.  I’ve literally gone clubbing in Gangnam almost every weekend, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it is!  So, I’ve decided to write this complete guide to the nightlife in Gangnam, to share with you my favorite clubs and tell you what to expect when you come.  Over the years, I’ve done my best to keep this post updated with the best content about partying in Seoul — so I hope you enjoy!.  

I’m going to start off this post by saying the nightlife in Seoul is the best in world.

Seriously guys, I’ve partied in over 70 countries and 150 cities, and nothing comes even close to the insanity levels of Seoul.  I’ve been to almost every club in Las Vegas, and the insane clubs of Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin, and Bangkok. They have nothing compared to Seoul.  You must come here to experience it for yourself. 

Maybe you’ve already read the several other blog posts that I’ve written about the incredible nightlife in Seoul, but here is one more that further proves my point that Seoul is the #1 Party City in the World.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.32.05 PMPerhaps the #1 reason why the nightlife in Seoul is so special is because Koreans love to get drunk.

Every year, South Korea tops the charts for the highest consumption of alcohol per person in the world.  In fact, Koreans drink more than twice the amount as Russians, with an average of 13.7 shots of liquor per person per week (2014). 

Get your hands on a green bottle of soju for $1.50USD (1,500 won).  Similar to sake in Japan, soju is a Korean rice liquor that is heavily consumed during social gatherings, restaurants and in every convenient store in Korea.  In fact, over 62 million cases of soju are sold every single year.  It only contains 20% alcohol content, but be careful because the hangovers are usually miserable… 

The next thing to learn about Koreans and their contagious energy is their love for electronic dance music (EDM).  Seoul frequently attracts many big name DJs and EDM music festivals.  I’ve seen Tiesto, Avicii, Above & Beyond, Fedde Le Grand, Steve Angello, Kaskade, Madeon and dozens more perform at clubs, and I’ve attended festivals such as Ultra Korea, Sensation White, Global Gathering, and World DJ Festival.

I get such a kick out of the way that Koreans dance to EDM.  It’s hilarious! Their style involves moving their shoulders up-and-down in a rhythmic motion, bobbing their heads like a chicken and uncontrollably pumping their fists in the air.

Want to know what it looks like?  Check out my video of “How Koreans Dance!” I took every video from my iPhone over the last year in various clubs around Seoul.

But if clubbing is not your thing, then don’t worry.  Check out these other popular nightlife districts of Seoul: 

Itaewon– Itaewon is the foreigner district of Seoul, but it’s also trending for young to middle-aged Koreans. Here, you will find several bars (some fancy, some casual), as well as various night clubs and pubs. The healthy mix of foreigners and locals gives Itaewon a unique feel that’s always full of energy.

For the best places to party, see my Ultimate Guide to the Nightlife in Itaewon, and find the best hotels in Itaewon on this link

Hongdae– This is the ultimate hipster area of Seoul. Go here to see young Korean trends and fashion at its finest. Hongdae is like a college campus, because there are several big universities around the area. Everything in Hongdae is cheap, and there are more bars and clubs than I can count. It’s always crowded, and the street vendors/local restaurants stay open 24 hours.

Find and book your hotel in Hongdae right here.

Sincheon– Sincheon is nearly an extension of Hongdae. It’s just one metro stop away, and this area also has a college feel to it. There is a main strip lined up with bars and clubs that are cheap and fun. It’s always a good idea to start the night in Sincheon, and then head over to Hongdae (or vice versa).

Find and book your hotel in Sincheon right here.

Apgujeong– This area is another trendy nightlife hub, that’s located next to Gangnam. Rodeo drive is where all the craziness happens, with some of the priciest clubs and deluxe hotels in Seoul. If you’re not on a strict budget, then go to Apgujeong for dinner and drinks before heading out to Gangnam (but seriously prepare your wallet).  

Find and book your hotel in Apgujeong right here.

Gangnam– Gangnam is the main district for Seoul’s luxurious and posh nightclubs that are multi-leveled with massive dance floors and top-notch sound systems.  Gangnam is compared to the “Beverly Hills” of Seoul with its wealth and fashion. Basically, this is where all of the celebrities and rich folks hang out and spend ridiculous amounts of money, but it’s also trending for young 20-somethings who want to party all night.  If you want to do some serious clubbing in Seoul, then definitely go to Gangnam! 

Find and book your hotel in Gangnam right here.  I highly recommend checking out The Palace Hotel (Book Online Now) if you want a nice place to stay nearby all the clubs! The price is $130/night and it’s in a cozy area within walking distance from most clubs (or a short taxi ride).

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.36.37 PM

*The rest of this post will talk specifically about the clubbing scene in Gangnam*

Clubbing in Gangnam isn’t cheap… Cover charges are typically from $20-$40 USD (depending on the event) and drinks are NOT cheap either.  Expect to pay no less than $10USD for any shot/beer/mixed drink inside a club.

However, if you want to save money on drinks, then just go to the club early and get a wristband so you can enter & exit whenever you wish.  Then, go to a cheap convenient store down ths street and drink soju for $1 per bottle!

Or, if you are more adventurous like me, then you can buy a plastic flask of soju and bring it inside the club in your pocket.  Then, go to the bar and order a sprite or coke and spike your flask inside the bathroom. I do this all the time and it’s never been an issue — I’ve also never been patted down when entering a club.

The minimum age for entering the clubs is 18 (the bouncers recently became strict with checking IDs) — and there is a maximum age of 35 (but not strictly enforced).  If you are under 18 and still want to club, then just borrow anyone’s ID, or use your fake ID, and it’ll work just fine.

If you are going out clubbing with a large group of people, then it’s definitely worth getting a table with bottle service.   You will pay a little more money, but the epic overall experience is worth it.  It’s also a good idea to get pretty drunk BEFORE you go, otherwise you will basically light your money on fire inside the club.

Unlike clubbing in Las Vegas or Western Europe, the dress code in Seoul is not strictly enforced in Seoul.  Well, you can dress up as much as you want if that’s your thing, but you don’t have to. I typically wear a V-neck with black jeans and Nike gym shoes.  Just don’t wear shorts or flip flops because you will get denied entrance.

Clubs these days are becoming more strict on checking IDs, so make sure to bring your ID with you.  You don’t need a passport, just any ID with your birthday on it.  If you are under 18, then get a fake ID that says you’re older — otherwise you will be denied entrance.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.38.46 PMLastly, don’t show up to a club until at least midnight, or else you will awkwardly be the only one inside. Clubs stay open until the last person walks out (usually 7-9AM).  I have stumbled home from a club at 10AM before.

For the remainder of this post, I will share with you my top 8 favorite clubs in Gangnam with detailed descriptions. Everything you will read is from my own personal experiences over the last 2 years raging in Seoul. I’ve been to each of these clubs several times. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any more advice about partying in Seoul, and book your hotel in Seoul on for the cheapest prices!

Oppa Gangnam Style! 

*Best Clubs in Gangnam (in order with my favorite being #1)

#1. Octagon

Octagon is hands down my favorite club in Seoul.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.15.02 PM

This club is currently the 6th best club in the world by DJ Mag. It has everything you can possibly imagine a club to have and more.

The first floor of Octagon spreads out from the DJ stage to the VIP tables and the bar in the back.   The upper level is only accessible for VIP tables, and there is a nice balcony that looks over the entire club.  The DJ stage is gigantic and it has one of the best LED TV monitors I’ve ever seen, with the lights and the sound both coordinating together.  I feel like I am raging in the year 2020 every time I go to Octagon.

There are frequently big-name international DJs that play here on weekends.  I have seen Laidback Luke, Deniz Koyu, Fedde Le Grand, and Dash Berlin perform at this club, as well as several famous Korean DJs.  All of the music is EDM.  No matter which night you go, you will definitely hear all of your favorite electronic music tunes mixed together.  It is impossible not to dance and have fun!

If you only have one night to rage in Seoul, then I highly recommend spending it at Octagon!

152 Newhilltop Hotel, B1-2, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu
Or show this to the taxi driver–> 
서울 강남구 논현동 152-3번지

#2. Answer

Club Answer is the upcoming place for the young, sexy, and crazy Seoulites to rage until the sun rises. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.17.39 PM
This club has dominated the electro-house scene in Seoul for the past few years.  

Club Answer is a three-story club has a giant stage on the first floor, VIP tables on the second floor with a sweet overlooking balcony, and private rooms on the third floor.  Huge names such as Deadmau5, Benny Benassi, and Paul Van Dyke have played shows here in recent years.

Club Answer is known to attract the most beautiful, well-dressed Koreans out there.  So, make sure that you dress appropriate or you will instantly be denied entrance into the door.

The interior is luxurious, with its leather white seating, chandeliers, and marbled floor that will make you feel like you are the richest person in Korea. The powerful sound system inside Answer is one of the best in Seoul.  My Korean friends even refer to this club as “the place to get down.” 

Go see for yourself how these sexy people get down!

125-16 Cheongdam-dongm Gangnam-gu

#3. Syndrome

Syndrome opened up in November 2013 and has been the talk of the city every weekend since.  Their motto “representing a new culture of Electronica in Seoul.” 

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.18.52 PM

Syndrome’s goal is to change the way that people look and think about dance music.  And whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

All I can say is that this place is absolutely insane.  It is, without question, one of the biggest and most epic clubs in Seoul.  There is even a swimming pool inside!  The main DJ stage is all the way in the front, with a long dance floor that stretches the length of the club.  The only issue with this club is the location of the main bar, which is in the back of the club.  So, if you are on the dance floor, it will take a few minutes push your way to the back bar for a drink. 

There is a sweet upstairs level with VIP tables and a giant balcony overlooking the club.  There must be 2,000 people that can fit inside this place, and it stays packed until sunrise.  It’s definitely a great place to party all night and experience Seoul’s culture at its finest. 

Inside the Sunshine Hotel: 587-1 Sinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea 135-892

#4. Ellui

Ellui is absolutely massive.  It’s not only the biggest club in Seoul, but it claims to be the largest nightclub in Asia. 

Just take a look at this photo!

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.21.03 PM


Ellui recently opened up in 2011 and has dominated the clubbing scene as one of the major hotspots for electronic music lovers.   Nearly every weekend features an international or a top-notch Korean act that gets the party going all night long.

The club features multiple levels with dance floors that becomes crazier as the night progresses into early morning.  At some point during the night, the staff will stand on top of the bar and pour shots of vodka unto everyone’s mouth.  The high-energy crowd is mostly mid-20s to 30s and the vibe is cool-but-casual.  The dance floor has huge bouncing balls and the light show/blasting speaker combination is mesmerizing.

Ellui is so big that you can probably expect to get lost at some point into a sea of Koreans (not always a bad thing!)  I just remember constantly being shocked by how epic and amazing this club was.  You will never want to leave Ellui from the second you walk in the door. The last time I was there, I left the club at 6AM and it was still packed with people.

I mean, just look at that photo.  It doesn’t get more epic than that! 

129 Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu

#5. Base

Located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Club Base (formerly Club Eden) is the most luxurious and high-class club in Seoul.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.23.14 PM

As you can imagine what a club is like in the Ritz, this place is extremely posh and has some of the most attractive people who dress to impress.  The interior resembles an 18th century ballroom, with crazy fancy decoration on the walls and ceilings.  Now, try to picture that with big-ass speakers that blast house music, and it feels like you are raving in a time machine to the future.   The sound system is on par with the best and there are neon flashing lights coming from every possible direction.  It is just too cool.

The only problem with Base is that the music has little variation.  It’s the same pulsing beat for 5 hours, and you won’t recognize any songs.  But, the amazing scene and eye-candy makes me itch to get back there every Friday night.

602 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu

#6. Mass

Club Mass is the go-to spot for late, late night partying.   It says open 365 days a year, and goes until 9 or 10AM in the morning (I am not exaggerating).

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.11.46 PM

Mass describes itself as the “Premier electronic house music club in Seoul.” The interior is huge, with a central stage and a massive dance floor that is packed with thousands of people.  The music is electro-house and it stays bumping until the last person walks out the door in the early morning.  I recommend going to Mass after you are done hopping around other clubs and bars in the area.  This place doesn’t hit peak hours until 3-6AM, so don’t ever worry about getting there too late.

Seriously, I walked out the door at 9:30AM one Sunday morning.

The crowd is young and beautiful.  You’ll see the girls wearing extra high heels, short dresses and make-up, and the guys wearing button downs, slacks and nice shoes.  It’s an easy place to pick up girls/guys. 

If you are the type that can rage until breakfast, then Mass is your place!

Soecho-gu seocho-dong 1306-8 Daedong BD, Seoul, Korea

#7. The A Hall 

The A Hall attracts the biggest name DJs in Korea and is well-known as an after hours club in Seoul.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.34.48 PM

This club was recently renovated from its previous self when it was known as Club Heaven.  And much like club Mass, this club really goes until 7AM on any given weekend.

The A Hall, without question, recruits the biggest DJ names in the EDM scene.  I don’t know how they pull in all of these names, because the club itself is very small. Over the last 2 years, I’ve seen Kaskade, Ali & Fila, Laidback Luke, Bingo Players, Fatboy Slim, and Ferry Corsten play shows at The A Hall.

I put it last on this list simply because I hate the tiny layout of the club, and I always feel like I am getting pushed by sweaty Koreans who are uncontrollably drunk.   But that being said, I always go here to see some of my favorite DJs perform.

This club is also popular amongst Korean celebrities, and there is a lot of plastic (as we like to call it) inside the club.  If you catch a not-so-crowded night at The A Hall, then you might just be blown away. Although I would tell you to go to Octagon, Ellui, or Syndrome before this club.

Where to Stay in Seoul?

A lot of people ask me which are the best hotels to stay in Seoul, so I have compiled this list of quality places that I’ve either stayed at myself or found online.  For a more comprehensive list of hotels in Seoul, check out for the best rates!

1) For Budget Travelers – SP Guesthouse (Book Online Now)
*rates – $10/night for a 4 bed dormitory

SP Guesthouse is my favorite hostel in Seoul, and it’s located conveniently in the Itaewon district.  I know the owners very well, and they are very friendly and welcoming.  The people and vibes inside this hostel are exactly what you need!

2) For Mid-Price – Vella Suite Myeongdong (Book Online Now)
*rates – $70/night for a standard twin room

Vella Suite is probably the best value for your money in Seoul.  It’s located right in the center of Myeongdong — Seoul’s famous shopping district.  Myeongdong is in central Seoul, and it’s easily accessible by metro, taxi or bus.  This hotel offers clean rooms, a friendly staff, and more restaurants/bars then you can imagine just outside the front door!

3) For Luxury – Lotte Hotel Seoul (Book Online Now)
*rates – $218/night for a deluxe double room

The impressive Lotte Hotel in Seoul is also located in the bustling shopping district of Myeongdong.  It has a great gym, spa, food court and everything imaginable that you could want in a hotel.  There is a large foodcourt below the hotel that is easily accessible and offers great Korean food.  The rooms are clean, with a large shower and comfortable beds.  Don’t miss out on the great views of the city and Namsan Tower!

Thanks for reading!  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about the nightlife in Seoul or travel in Korea in general! 

Give Back 🙂
I spent countless hours time writing this blog post, and making sure that the information stays up to date.  One way that you can give back is to book your hotel in Seoul on this link.  It’s an affiliate link, meaning that I make a small commission on each sale made at no additional cost to you.  The money that I make will go directly into making this website better.  Thank you!

Photo credits:
Octagon –
Answer –
Syndrome –
The A –

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DrewSeoul Nightlife Guide (Gangnam)

Stockholm Nightlife Guide (Top Nightclubs)

by Drew on March 26, 2014 51 comments

Oh boy..  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to write a blog post in my life!

The nightlife in Stockholm is just that damn incredible.  This city rages hard.

My buddy and I visited Stockholm during the week (not on a weekend), and believe it or not, we had so much fun every single night on the town.

The EDM scene in Stockholm is massive, which is why the clubbing scene is so huge. Even when I was just chilling in a random coffee shop around Stockholm, I heard some Avicii tunes and some of my favorite house songs being played!

As you may or may not know, Stockholm is home to many of the world’s most famous house music DJ’s (Avicii, Alesso, Steve Angello, Dad Life, etc.).  Several of these DJ’s have residencies at the nightclubs, so they frequently play shows throughout the year.

Speaking of clubs — they are on par with the best in the world.   Almost all of the best clubs are located in the Stureplan district, which is a big public square in Central Stockholm.

The only downside to the clubbing scene that many of the big nightclubs in this district close at 3AM (with the exception of a few).

IMG_4314But regardless, they are so much fun!  The music is mainstream house/techno, the people are all sexy, and the energy is contagious.

If you are in Stockholm during the summer months (like I was), then you’ll see the sky staying bright 24/7 because the city is so high in Latitude.  It’s so trippy to stumble outside a club at 3 AM and see blue skies!

Another note on Swedish beauty — it’s not even fair how attractive the Swedes are.  They all have perfect styles and they dress to impress –tall, blonde, skinny, and stunningly beautiful faces.  It doesn’t do any justice explaining it to you in words.   Having the most beautiful people in the world makes the nightlife THAT much better.  Trust me!

One thing to keep in mind about Clubbing is that the bouncers are extremely picky.  Make sure to dress nice –  no gym shoes, hats, jeans, etc., and don’t get too hammered before you enter or else they won’t let you inside.  If you roll into a club with a bunch of dudes, then good luck getting in because they will deny your entry in a second.  Try to go with some beautiful girls in your group, and you’ll have a much better chance to get inside.

But what if you don’t have any local Swedish friends?

Perfect! This is your excuse to have some courage and make new friends! This is exact strategy that my friend and I did, and we the only foreigners let into this club called K44.

Alright, before I get carried away, here is my list of the best clubs in Stockholm!

Disclaimer: The following list of clubs was put together mostly from my own personal experiences, but also with the addition of my friends recommendations.  Things may have changed over the years, so I am trying my best to keep this list updated.  If I missed something, please comment so I can add it to the list!  Enjoy :D

#1. Sturecompagniet

This is the biggest and most amazing nightclub in Stockholm.  If you only have 1 night to party in Stockholm, then do it here!

Not one, or two, but THREE floors make up this club with 5 rockin’ dance floors that stay busy until the sun rises.

It’s located right smack in the center of the Sturenplan district.  It looks more like a ballroom than a nightclub — with the interior made of marble and roses.

The music in this clubs is all house, mostly by Sweden’s finest DJs.  Lots of energy from the crowd makes this place a blast to dance! However, it is pretty difficult to get inside, so make sure to show up early (before 11:30) so you have a better chance. Don’t miss out on the fun of this club!

Sturegatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden

#2. Hell’s Kitchen

One of the most stylish and trendy clubs in Stockholm is not to be missed.

Hell’s Kitchen is actually known as one of the hardest clubs to get into in Stoclhom, but if you play your cards right, then you can get in 😉

Hence the name of the club, the interior of Hell’s Kitchen a “death” theme, with bones and skulls hanging from the walls.   What’s cool about this club is the unisex bathrooms, which you probably don’t see everyday!

As one of the most trendy clubs in the city, you will see champagne bottles flowing at the swanky tables surrounding the club.   The music is mainstream house/techno and the crowd is made up of young, social partygoers.

Sturegatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden

#3. Rose

As a new club, Rose has quickly emerged into one of Stockholm’s hottest nightclubs.  In the summer months, there is no better place to party the night away!


With its giant windows, gold-framed mirrors and a beautiful terrace, this place will keep you going all through the night.  It is one of the most popular nightclubs in Stockholm.

Rose is always packed with a beautiful Swedish crowd and it continues to provide a party-ready weekend for all you dance music lovers.   It’s impossible to have a bad time raging at this club!

Hamngatan 2, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden

#4. White Room

White room is THE classic and premiere club in Stockholm.  It’s the place to be seen (where celebs hang out) and it stays open past 3AM!

The crowd is very good looking and the music is an awesome mix of house hits  Yes, you will hear Avicii, Tiesto, Alesso and more!

White Room attracts people on the dance floor until 6 in the morning.   However, I recommend getting to the club early (around 11) because the line usually gets really long.  Try to make local friends in line (preferably with hot girls) and you will be let inside easier.

Jakobsbergsgatan 29, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden

#5. Laroy

Laroy is where you will find the young and sexy crowd on a Friday of Saturday night.

This club regularly attracts people with money and anyone in Stockholm that wants to be seen.  If you decide to go here, make sure to dress to impress (otherwise you will get rejected in a second).

The atmosphere inside this club is uplifting and exciting.  The music is even better- especially when everyone is dancing with smiles on their faces.  It really has an awesome vibe inside that’ll make you never want to leave.

Make sure your wallet is full before you go here, because it’s not cheap.  But it’s totally worth the experience!

Biblioteksgatan 23, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden

Where to Stay in Stockholm?

From cheap hostels to luxury condos, Stockholm has a large variety of places to stay that will satisfy your budget needs.  Below is a list of some of my favorites places around the city.

For a more comprehensive list of hotels in Stockholm, check out and book your stay today!

1) For Budget Travelers – Rygerfjord Hostel (Book Online Now)
*rates – $60/night for a cabin on a boat with breakfast

Rygerjford Hostel is awesome because you are literally sleeping on a boat! It’s near the city center, and has a nice staff and clean (but small) rooms.

2) For Mid-Price – Brommavik Hotel (Book Online Now)
*rates – $153/night for standard twin room with breakfast

Brommavik Hotel is clean, fresh and new.  The breakfast is yummy and you even have access to a fitness center next door!

3) For Luxury – Nobis Hotel (Book Online Now)
*rates – $277 for a standard queen room

Nobis Hotel is an exceptional hotel and a great value for the money. Everything about this place is nice — the central location, tasty breakfast and charming internal patio. The rooms are very clean and beds are very comfortable.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever partied in Stockholm? Comment below!

Photo Credits:
Sturecompagniet – found via
Hells Kitchen – found via
Rose – found via
White Room – found via
Laroy – found via

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DrewStockholm Nightlife Guide (Top Nightclubs)

Athens Nightlife Guide

by Drew on March 26, 2014 3 comments

In Athens, it’s all about the nightclubs.

The clubbing scene is much larger than the bar scene (at least from my experience partying there for 3 days).  But that doesn’t mean that the bar scene is lacking!  Greek people are all about sipping on some booze and dancing the night away.

Many of the famous clubs are located right on the beach coast. It is common that many international DJ’s stop by Athens to play a show and get the crowd going.  Hopefully, you stop by Athens in the summer months, because this is when the party really kicks off!

Keep in mind that the clubs don’t open until 11PM(ish) and they go all night long.  I wouldn’t show up until at least 1, because peak hours are between 2-4AM and they won’t close until 7.

But don’t worry if clubbing isn’t your thing, because there is a huge music scene from jazz to rock and local music that play everywhere in the city.  You can easily find an outdoor bar with a live band, and lots of people causally drinking and hanging out.

Which leads me to my next point, that much of the nightlife is spilled out on the streets of the city.  There are bars everywhere which gives Athens such a positive and vibrant atmosphere.  The bars, too, don’t close until 4 or 5AM, so you can still party all night if you don’t want to go clubbing!

The majority of the nightlife in Athens takes place in the areas of PsiriPlaka and Thissio.  All 3 districts have tons of clubs, bars and good times!

Don’t forget to learn the Top 10 Greek Words so you can hit on those sexy Greeks ;)

Here is my list of the best places to party in Athens!

Disclaimer: The following list of clubs and bars was put together mostly from my own personal experiences, but also with the addition of my friends recommendations.  Things may have changed over the years, so I am trying my best to keep this list updated.  If I missed something, please comment so I can add it to the list!  Enjoy :D

Athens Nighlife Guide – Top Clubs

#1. Venue

Club Venue is a great place to get a local taste of Athenian nightlife.  It just reached #30 at DJ Mag’s poll for the top 100 clubs in the world!

This club is enormous, and usually hosts big-name international DJ’s on weekends.  Previous DJ’s that have played here include Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angello, Thomas Gold and tons more!

But what makes Venue soexceptional?

The geometrical shapes, candle fountains with lava stones, led roof screens, metallic dance podiums, crystalline walls with violet twilight lighting make this club exceptional.  Venue also has THREE decently sized stages! Locals love to go to this club, which makes it that much better in my opinion.  The place to be is the VIP section located behind the DJ booth if you can afford it.  This clubs is only open in winter months and on Friday & Saturday nights.  If you go to Venue, get ready to have one of the best nights of your life!

130 Pireos, Athens Greece 11854

#2. Villa Mercedes

Photo by John Karakatsanis on Flickr on Creative Commons

During daytime, Villa Mercedes is an upper-class and delicious restaurant. By night, it turns into a club where big-name DJ’s will begin to perform and the dance floor becomes becomes packed.

During summertime, this is one of the hottest clubs in Athens.  The sound system is top notch, and there is a VIP area in the middle of the club.  There are some fancy decorations around this club, like super nice chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and the walls are covered in fabric.  If you want to experience authentic Greek nightlife, then Villa Mercedes is the place for you!  The atmosphere is great and the people are very friendly.  If you happen to be in Athens on a Sunday night, stop by Villa mercedes because Sunday’s are always the most popular nights!

Andronikou & Tzaferi 11 (Pireos Street Annex), Athens

#3. Club Blend

Club Blend is all about live electronic dance music.  Blend has been the frontrunner in the electronic scene in Athens for the last 2 decades.  Over the years, Club Blend has hosted a number of international DJ’s such as Tiesto, Fedde Le Grand, Mark Knight, Luciano and hundreds more!

You will find only pure, high quality music and sound at this club.   The capacity is a whopping 700+ people, so the experience will be something to remember forever.  Everyone will talk about this club if you are in Athens, so check it out for yourself and I promise you won’t regret it!

Aristofanous 11, Psiri, 10554 Athens

Located in the Psiri district

Nightlife in Athens – Top Bars

#1. Brettos Bar

Photo by Randy Connolly on Flickr

Brettos is the oldest distillery and one of the most well-known bars in Athens.   Inside, you will find hundreds of lights and colorful bottles that are decorating the walls (shown in pic).  Brettos is also home to a huge variety of Greek wine.

This historic bar is the best place to grab a drink with your friends at any time of the day, and also a great place to meet people.  The atmosphere is very low key, with soft music usually playing in the background.  You will fall in love with the authenticity of this place, and the friendly environment that makes up Brettos Bar.

Kydathinaion 42, Plaka, Athens, Greece

Located right below the Acropolis!

#2. K44

Photo by ‘Cast-a-Blast’ on Flickr

K44 used to be a two story warehouse, and has now turned into an awesome and popular bar.  It attracts hipsters and the alternative arts scene in Athens.   Even if you are not into alternative arts, it is still worth checking this bar out for the cultural experience.

The front bar has alternative DJ’s every night and sometimes they host special events.   Upstairs is an art studio.  This all-night bar is known for launching new music talent form indie to electro, with events on most nights of the week.   K44 also hosted the annual Young Designers International Trade Show, and is credited with a very creative crowd.

Leoforos Konstantinoupoleos 33 Gazi, Athens

Metro Stop: Keramikos

#3. Booze Cooperative

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.00.35 PMOverview:
Booze Cooperative is a laid-back hipster bar during the daytime.  It is full of young Athenians hanging out, playing chess and backgammon with their friends, and working on their Macbook Pros on a long wooden table (6 meters long).

By nighttime is a different story.  Booze Cooperative transforms into a lively atmosphere, packed with locals and good music.  Upstairs, there is a theatre and in the basement there is an art exhibition.  There is also a game room, a beer pong room, a quiet room and a loud room.  Booze Cooperative is really a unique bar that will reel you in for hours!

Kolokotroni 57, Athens, Greece

Metro Stop: Monastiraki

Have you partied in Athens before? Comment and let me know your experiences!

Enjoy Athens and have a beer for me :D

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DrewAthens Nightlife Guide

Rome Nightlife Guide

by Drew on March 25, 2014 No comments

As Cliché as it sounds, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

It’s easy to get caught up in the foreign bars and the tourist traps (although they are pretty fun).  Once you know where to party with the locals, then the nightlife scene can be pretty awesome.

Similar to Barcelona and Stockholm, the nightlife in Rome starts very late.  People eat dinner late, take their sweet time to get ready, and then head out for a night on the town.  I would say that the peak hours for clubs and bars are from 1-3AM.  So just be patient!

To be honest, I didn’t find Romans to be big drinkers.  They were more of the “casual type” to sip on a few glasses of wine and/or beer and hang out at the pubs.  But that’s ok, because the scene is still lively and fun! The people just aren’t as hammered (which isn’t a bad thing necessarily).

Rome has plenty of pubs, bars and clubs scattered in different areas around the city.  Every place I went was tons of fun. However, I found it very difficult to make local Italian friends, because they don’t really have any interest in talking with foreigners.  That being said, I did make plenty of foreigner friends- both American and European!  Everyone in Rome has a smile on their face and is just looking to have a fun night on the town.

Given that Rome’s weather is almost always warm and mild, a lot of the nightlife occurs outdoors!  Many of the main squares turn into giant outdoor bars, with massive amounts of people and and lively spirit in the air.  I recommend you to grab a glass of wine (or a beer), meander down the cobblestone roads and pop into some bars/cafes.  I think you’ll be very entertained with the scene 😀

My favorite area to go out was in San Lorenzo, which is where the main university is located.  Not surprisingly, this area attracts a younger crowd and the prices are much cheaper than other areas around Rome.  San Lorenzo is packed with pubs and bars, and the atmosphere is informal.  It’s a great and energetic place to hang out and get drunk (for cheaper) before heading to the clubs!

Don’t forget to learn the Top 10 Italian Words so you can hit (try) to make some local friends!

Here is my list of the best clubs in Rome!

Disclaimer: The following list of clubs was put together mostly from my own personal experiences, but also with the addition of my friends recommendations.  Things may have changed over the years, so I am trying my best to keep this list updated.  If I missed something, please comment so I can add it to the list!  Enjoy :D

#1. Club Brancaleone

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.40.32 AM

Photo by ‘Flavia’ on Flickr

Brancaleone has been one of Rome’s best underground clubs since 1990.

This clubs focuses on their music scene, and hosts big-name DJ’s on the weekends.  Expect to see a good mix of locals and international youngsters on the dance floor, grooving out to their favorite electronic music hits.  Brancaleone will sometimes host reggae night or hip-hop night, so make sure to check their website for more information!

This club is also a cultural center, hosting a variety of cinema, theatre, visual arts, and performance-art events during the week.  The unique and local feel of Brancaleone makes it an unforgettable place to party in Rome!

Via Levanna, 13  00141 Montesacro Province of Rome, Italy

Northeast of the city center

Check their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page for special events and watch this VIDEO of DJ Zedd at Brancaleone!

#2. Club Saponeria

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.43.03 AM

Photo by ‘burn energy’ on Flickr

Saponeria is one of the liveliest clubs in Rome!

The interior is a curvy space with a huge bar in the center.  The capacity of this giant club is 800+, and sometimes this place reaches capacity on big weekend nights.  Friday night is hip-hop ad R&B, Saturdays are electro/techno/house.  Saponeria attracts some of the best DJ’s in town and around Europe. It’s not the cheapest club, so make sure to get nice and drunk before you go.  This venue is a fun place to meet other young partiers around Rome!

Via degli Argonauti, 20  00154 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy

Check their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page for special events and watch this VIDEO to see what the club looks like inside!

#3. Club Akab

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.47.48 AM

Photo by ‘flavia’ on Flickr

Akab is one of the most popular and oldest clubs in the Testaccio nightlife district.

At this club, you will hear all different types of music ranging from electronic, funk, soul to reggae and 90s old school jams.  Most nights there will be a guest DJ playing the hottest electronic hits (this picture is of Steve Aoki).  This club attracts a young and sexy crowd ready to dance the night away.  The interior has a very long bar and a dance floor that is always packed.  The two grotto spaces downstairs combined with the main room can hold over 1000 people at once!  Akab is the place to go mingle and dance with a flirtatious and fun crowd!

Via di Monte Testaccio, 69  00153 Roma, Italy

Check their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page for special events and watch this sweet VIDEO of DJ A-trak playing here!

Have you partied in Rome before? Please comment and let me know your experiences!

Enjoy Rome and have a beer for me :D

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DrewRome Nightlife Guide

Kraków Nightlife Guide

by Drew on March 25, 2014 5 comments

Kraków has a thriving nightlife with a young and beautiful crowd.

Yes, the stereotype is true.  Polish people LOVE their vodka.  I hope you can hang because that is nearly all they drink in Kraków.  And they drink A LOT.  The scene is so much fun, and almost everyone that I met was very friendly and willing to show me a good time.

I also noticed the beer in Poland was much stronger than most beer that I’ve had around Europe.  So, be careful because you’ll get drunk fast! If you normally drink 7 beers to get drunk, then drink only 4 in Poland.  Especially with all the vodka shots on top!

*In Kraków, all of the drinks are pretty cheap, so you can get drunk without feeling like you are lighting money on fire!

Kraków is packed with clubs, pubs and bars that stay open until the early hours of the morning.   My favorite spots to party at were the underground “cellar” bars.  These bars were so much fun!  When you enter any given cellar bar, you will walk down a level of stairs (sometimes 2 levels down) into a crazy world of ecstasy with loud music blasting in your ears.  Most of them have many different rooms with dance floors, bars, rooms and sometimes even couches.

Some clubs around town, like Kitsch Club, are well-known for their summer gardens and beautiful atmosphere.  Hopefully you are in Kraków during the summer months so you can truly experience this!

Enjoy the beautiful babes, friendly people and vodka shots that will keep you going until sunrise!

Don’t forget to learn the Top 10 Polish Words so you can hit on those sexy locals ;)

Here is my list of the best bars to visit in Kraków!

Disclaimer: The following list of bars was put together mostly from my own personal experiences, but also with the addition of my friends recommendations.  Things may have changed over the years, so I am trying my best to keep this list updated.  If I missed something, please comment so I can add it to the list!  Enjoy :D

*Top Bars*

#1. Łódź Kaliska

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.09.41 AM

Photo by David Wood on Flickr

Łódź Kaliska is one of the best cellar bars in town!

The interior has red leather sofas, golden victorian chairs, stony walls and interesting paintings/sculptures of women on the walls.  The music is great at this bar, where you will hear all different kinds of electronic music from drum and bass to electro house. Many of the best local DJ’s play at this bar. .  Łódź Kaliska is really a great place to hang out with your friends or meet new people in Krakow! I think you’ll definitely get an experience unlike you’ve ever had before.

Ul. Floriańska 15, 31-019 Kraków, Poland

Located on the famous Floriańska street.  Look for the big black and white logo on the walls.

Check their WEBSITE for special events and promotions!

#2. Rzda

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.13.09 AMOverview:
Rzda is my favorite bar/club in Krakow!

This underground club has an incredible atmosphere of people from the ages of 18-25, all looking to have some fun.  The seating is limited (yet comfortable), and the DJ is always playing loud music.

Rzda will give you a great taste of how the locals party!  If you are into partying all night, dancing and meeting awesome people, then Rzda is a place for you. The music is European techno, electro-house which adds to the local feel of this place.  The bouncers are not always friendly, so don’t be upset if they don’t treat you well,  because the atmosphere inside will make up for it. Don’t miss out on Rzda!

ul. Bracka 3-5, Kraków, Poland

Located just a few blocks south of the main square

#3. Absynt Bar

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.16.19 AM

Photo by Jack Newton on Flickr

Located in the heart of Kazimierz (the historical district of Krakow), this bar is well-known for their absinthe.

If you don’t already know, absinthe has a very high alcohol content, is usually green in color, and is known to make you hallucinate if you drink a lot.  Absynt bar has a cozy atmosphere, solid wooden tables and retro seating.  This bar serves absinthe from the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland and Spain.  Absynt Bar bar also has a great selection of Polish food including perogis and various snacks.  It’s a great place to grab a quick bite and a few shots (but be careful with absinthe!)

Check their WEBSITE for more information!

ul.Miodowa 28, Kraków

#4. Movida Cocktail Bar

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.21.16 AMOverview:
Movida is a stylish restaurant/bar with great cocktails and a positive ambiance.

This bar has a great karaoke selection and is usually crowded by night with people singing and laughing in large groups.  The hospitality is very welcoming with a nice and friendly staff.  The cocktails are delicious and affordable, and the food adds a nice touch.  Movida is located not far from the main square, so I recommend taking the short stroll to check it out!

Mikolajska 9, Krakow 31-027, Poland

Located a few blocks east of the main square

Check their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE for more information and special events!

Have you partied in Kraków before? Please comment and let me know your experiences!

Enjoy Kraków and have a shot of vodka for me :D

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DrewKraków Nightlife Guide