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Top 10 Czech Words

by Drew on July 16, 2013 3 comments

Planning a trip to the Czceh Republic soon?  Studying Czech, or just have the urge to learn how to speak Czech?

Get a head start and start learning these Top 10 Czech words right now!   I promise you that they’ll come in handy when you’re in the country 😉

1)   Hello — dobrý den (DOH-bree-DEHN) (formal), ahoj (AH-hoy) (informal)

2)   Goodbye— Na Shledanou (NAH-SLED-dah-noh)

3)   Yes— Ano (AH-no)

4)   No— Ne (nay)

5)   Please— prosím (PRO-seem)

6)   Thank You— děkuji (DICK-wee)

7)   You’re Welcome— prosím (PRO-seem)

8)   Do You speak English?— Mluvíte anglicky? (mloo-VEET-tay  ang-LICK-skee?)

9)   Excuse me/pardon me— promiňte (PRO-meen-teh)

10)  Cheers!—na zdraví (NAH-zdravee!)

Check out this (embarrassing) video of me speaking Czech when I used to live in Prague!  Somehow it has over 12,000 views…

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  • Jan - November 23, 2015 reply

    Hi Drew,
    I am Czech living overseas and love your website especially your Czech speaking video 🙂
    I would like to add link where Czech ice hockey legend Jaromir Jagr teach Czech language.

    Drew - November 23, 2015 reply

    Thanks for sharing! I Love Jagr 🙂

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